Custom Wedding Scents

Personalize your wedding celebration with the gift of custom scent! Make an appointment to visit Olfactory NYC’s Scent Studio and create your own beautiful, one-of-a-kind scent blend to add even more magic to your special day.


Scent Offerings

Size: 3ml 

Perfect for table arrangements, gift bags. 




Size: 10ml

Perfect for wedding party gifts. Can be personalized with your wedding design.


Size: 50ml

Perfect for wedding party gifts or for MOH/BM.


*Custom reed diffusers and candles also available. Contact us to inquire about pricing for all options.



Private In-Store Group Experience 

Perfect for a bridal shower or wedding party!
Visit our scent studio at 281 Mott St. to explore our unique scents and custom blends.

Guided by our scent mixologists, all guests can leave with their own personalized creation! 

See more about our event offerings and get a quote here.